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What Are The Lightsabers?

The lightsaber, one of the most famous weapons from science fiction is also a standard object used in Star Wars. The glowing blade has the ability to cut through any material and make a cool sound when you move your version. However, behind this amazing quality, there’s been a fascinating history on how they were developed to film or as toys for children who wanted to fight similar to their own in their homes without adults present mind you.

The Lightsaber has a rich history. It’s been a part of many battles, and it’s strength has only grown in time as technology improved. Some aspects of the canon’s official version were not mentioned, even though they were described elsewhere. This includes information on what colors each lightsaber ought to have based on the place they came from. These omissions could be due to Lucasfilm not wanting to have any contradictions in its universe, however people still want to know every detail. I’ll address all questions of those who want them.

They were originally created by the Dark Side

The lightsabers we have come to know as well as love may have been precursors to something even stronger Force sabers were invented by “Force Hounds” who were part of the Infinite Empire. These crystals with dark energy focus composed of dark energy, were used to enhance the lives of their ancestors in the form of weapons.

Due to their connection with The Dark Side of The Force many on the light side were wary of using these weapons. The Force Saber’s connection was too strong. The user can be transformed into a person who fights evil if they pick up any of these weapons.

There are more than swords

Although the lightsaber’s basic shape is that of a sword, there are numerous variations. One variation is what’s known as “lightship,” which instead makes use of emitters that are attached to the handle, rather than the one single emitter on the end of it for cutting through whatever that you wish to, with precise precision.

Batteries are needed to power the First Lightsabers

The original lightsabers were very like the ones we have in the present. They used a poor battery pack, which could overheat and produce hot wires however, it’s not surprising considering the inception of this type of weapon back in the days of antiquity.

When the Sith created an efficient power cell, which could be connected to their lightsabers, they would continue to push forward the technology of lightsabers.

A Lightsaber is able to penetrate almost anything

A lightsaber can do anything that it can’t do in cutting through any kind of material. As with any other tool or weapon, victims of these lightsabers especially those who oppose them will do their best to ensure they aren’t hurt by this powerful power source.

The bounty hunters educated in Mandalorian Iron can make use of any kind of material. Cortosis is one of the materials that has the ability to short-circuit lightsabers. However, it’s harmful for humans so they’re refined to make armor? Phrik might also be ineffective against swords of lightsaber blades but does nothing to do anything.

Lightsabers created a problem for amphibious racers

While there aren’t many factors that could stop an lightsaber’s ability to function it is a fact that people should be aware of. A small amount of rain isn’t going to cause much damage because the weapon will melt and steam when it’s exposed to water. After this the weapon will be submerged in liquid again to cover any evidence of damage until next year.

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